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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  December 26, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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the cnn newsroom i'm don lemon in for brooke baldwin. i hope you had a great christmas. president said he is back to work. first order of business unleashing several attacks via twitter on fbi, on obamacare, and hillary clinton. then it was of course off to the golf course. cnn captured this video of president trump golfing with georgia senator and pro golfers and dana quigley. there is he there on the golf course. let's go to abby phillip said he was back at work. let's talk about the health care
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plan. he is optimistic over the new year. the working strategy of working out a fix. what's going on here? >> hey, don, while yeah the president this morning tweeting about health care and going back to a little bit of an old plan which is, would go with democrats, something that republicans has not been able to do successfully. he had this tweet this morning talking about the obamacare he says based on the individual mandate has been terminated as part of our tax cut bill which essentially repeals obamacare, the democrats and republicans will eventually come together and develop a great new health care plan. now, it does not seem right at this moment that democrats and republicans are actually working on a new health care plan. however, in january, there is going to it be a bipartisan effort to shore up those health care marketplaces, that's one of the things that the trump administration promised some moderate republican senators in an effort to get this tax bill
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passed. that's one of the things i think the white house expects some democrats will get on board with. >> and then there is the russian dossier. why is he bringing it up? >> well, i think we have to start here with fox news which the president was apparently watching this morning. when that topic came out he tweeted out a message about the dossier calling it bogus again and saying they used this crooked hillary pile of garbage as basis of going after the trump campaign. seems pretty clear right now that president trump is focused on this dossier. it's part of a broader effort to undermine the special counsel investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 election. and possible trump campaign ties to that effort. the president and other republicans including some who appeared on fox news this morning are talking about this dossier as part of a broader question about whether this
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investigation is tainted from the beginning, don. >> abby phillip, thank you very much. let's discuss this now. scott jennings is here cnn political commentator and special assistant to president george bush. and house carolina member. hello. did you guys have a good christmas? >> very good. hope you did as well. >> thank for the christmas card. i'm waiting on yours, by the way. so i want to talk about russia dossier. because the president keeps talking about that. he keeps bringing that up. and he keeps talking about that as somewhat i guess the basis of the russia investigation and clearly if you listen to any of our former intelligence officers or current intelligence officers, they are saying this suggestion that the dossier is the basis of the russian investigation is just false. it's part of the investigation but not the whole investigation norah big part of the
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investigation. why does he continue to bring it up? >> well, i think that there are two parts to this. one is i believe that as the fbi gets closer and closer to inner circle, he's already had more indictments in one year than predecessor and more people plead guilty. so as it gets closer and closer he is beginning to lash out, we have seen this where he gets unin other wor unnerved and lashes out. because he attacks the justice system. but the other part of it which is more nuance, which peter will talk to this as well, they are playing politics. when these processes going on, when these investigations going on, straksadministrations they to play politics around it, as clinton did with star, and now
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he's doing with mueller, allies discredit it fwr trom the begin. so you are playing those politics now because you don't want to lose the battle. >> why does he continue to bring it up when it's not the huge basis of the russian investigation if any at all, no one has been charged on any information from this dossier? >> yeah, i think it's one part of a larger effort to undermine the credibility of the mueller investigation. look, some information has come to light which would cause americans and great many republicans to wonder about the bias that could exist inside this investigation. and i actually agree with bacari, this has a lot to do with impeerment. mueller will do what it's going to do. but if you do get into the situation where congress impeaches the president, which i believe is highly unlikely if the democrats get control of the house come november, then you are not in a court of law, but political opinion. so they want to be able to call
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into question the investigation and information that came from it. so i think bacari is right on this, tainting the investigation with allegations of bias animal practice is all about the future, not really about the present. >> let's talk about obamacare now because the president is also tweeting saying that the individual mandate in obamacare is gone. republicans and democrats will work on a bipartisan agreement on health care. should the democrats put their frustration a side and help the gob work on a fix now, is that likely you think? >> no, that's already happening. what most people don't know about is lamar alexander and pat murry already working 0en a piece of legislation to fix obamacare. from the very beginning, even barack obama himself if someone comes with a fix to the program, we will go out and make sure we will sell the american people and fix obamacare. what we will not do is repeal obamacare. what we will not do is help the
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republican dig themselves out ha dish, they had nine years chanting repeal and replace, and they have no idea how to fundamentally fix our health system. any democrat will look you in the eye, if they don't they are lying to you, and say we need to fix this. but not going to strip away health care for millions of americans. and just one final point the president of the united states, go figure, he lied. the individual mandate and the repeal of such is 3% of the over all cost of obamacare. obamacare is here to stay. he needs to wrap his head around that instead of wrapping his golf club around trees in the wilderness. >> that's an interesting way of putting it. listen, i have to ask you, scott, and i want to play this for you, because the president is optimistic, and mitch mcconnell, listen to what he has to say. >> we were unable to completely repeal and replace with 52-49
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senate. we'll have to take a look at it. but i this i we'll probably move on to other issues. >> so the leaders of the party are at odds. where does the fight over obamacare go from here? if the president is optimistic, but the leaders of the senate are not so much. >> well, i'm interested in what bacari has to say downplaying the individual mandate. on the floor of the senate widen, senator from oregon, says this puts dagger in the heart of obamacare. so i think the president's messaging that they largely repealed and replaced the obamacare is correct. i think the murry alexander plan is a good one because it replaces obama ex-r- illegal executive order with something that is lawful. so i think bill has a good chance to pass. although the president has some work to do with the house and republicans. i think the senate is ready to do it. i think at the end of the day the president want today make a credible argument saying they did tried to and at least in
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part repealed obamacare. they did that on the individual mandate. they can physician this with murry alexander. i think he needs to call it a win and move forward with the rest of the agenda. >> do you want to respond to this? >> well, i mean there are many other parts and aspects to obamacare. like i quoted earlier only 3% of the over all costs. but if we are going to talk about the millions of americans who get their health care not only on state exchanges like connecticut but national and federal exchanges, then that is the fundamental heartbeat of obamacare. obamacare is not the individual mandate. it's making sure that insurance companies actually take care of the needs of the individual who are paying these premiums. and these premiums we are talking about, if the president wants to do something, he can help make sure we stabilize these markets, bipartisan effort so we don't have to worry about the uncertainty there of. >> according to the facts checks it does not repeal obamacare. because many major parts of obamacare are still in place, protections of people with pre-existing conditions, tax credits for people who buy their
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own insurance expansions of medicare. let's move on now. the president is also complaining that his legislative achievements aren't enough getting enough coverage since he took coverage. let's look at this. gop is up. passed tax reform. secured tough sanctions on north korea and more. does president trump deserve kretds for these achievements? >> i think that the president and his first cheer probabyear the more tainted, clumsy, one of the more first year where he just had the most difficulty in moving the ball along. and you have to juxtaposes this with the fact he had republican house and senate and couldn't get things done. republican congress is fundamentally broken. and a lot of americans who don't lay that blame on the lap of the president of the united states and that actually does have some merit. however, if we are looking at
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this over all scheme, the president deserves credit for pushing through gorsuch and tax bill which will widen the gap between the have and have notes and inequality in this country. but he has passed those two. compared to predecessors though he ain't done much, don. >> scott? >> you know, i love to listen to these democrats try to describe president trump's first year. on the one hand you have nancy pelosi and others saying that everything the reebsz did, including tax reform is going to bring about the end times and death in the streets. and then you have people like bacari nothing at all happened. the fact they can't get their act together on the message tells us all fwheed to know. republicans is doing what they said they would do, drilling in the ash ark tirk, tax code, supreme court, isis is on the run. donald trump had a fine first year. i think in some cases his behavior and communications habits kept his job approval
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down. but from policy perspective this was republican stuff that they ran on. these are promises made and promises kept. >> scott jennings, quickly, bacarri, if you can. >> i also wanted to add to the list of things he did. he had four indictments and con vin s- convictions. >> thank you. >> president is taking aid at favorite targets. fbi. and standing by special counsel mueller investigation will be wrapping up soon. >> we'll discuss that next. also a mid a nuclear stand off with north korea, russia is now offering to get involved and diffuse the situation. this as north korea declares latest round of sanctions act of war. we'll take you live to the pentagon. and it's been a fixture at the white house lawn, look at that, since the 1800s, the story behind an iconic tree that is now scheduled to be cut down and removed.
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let's get more on this from cnn jessica, our correspondent. hello to you. hope you had a merry christmas. what can you tell us about this dossier? >> what do you know. >> >> reporter: we saw on twitter the dossier is quote, bogus. that's not entirely accurate. so it is true that the most sa lat salacious in the dossier is not. now accepted as fact by the u.s. intelligence community. and it is important to note that u.s. law enforcement and intelligence officials did their own work separate from the dossier to support those findings that russia tried to medal in favor of trump. plus, we know cnn reported earlier this year that other aspects of the doissier, like senior officials, those as well did take place. and the fbi last year, it used the dossier as part of the
11:18 am
justification to win approval to secretly monitor former trump campaign associate carter page, they say it was cited in the application to monitor page. so despite the president has tweeted this dossier is bogus, we do know parts have been corroborated. >> thank you very much. i want to turn now to cnn law enforcement analyst. and professor of law at vermont law school. hello to both of you. what's your reaction to the president blasting this dossier? >> i think folks this time of year down in florida relaxing by the pool. but president is back to his stwes stw stressed tweeting these obviously very nervous about the mueller investigation and also attack on fbi. and i think he should follow the
11:19 am
advice of sarah huckabee sanders where she wrote if you are attacking fbi agents while under criminal investigation, you are probably losing. >> yeah, i have to say it is pretty surprising, considering yesterday was christmas, and he didn't tweet this, but he also tweeted about the russia investigation yesterday. and i think most of america was surprised that he woke up with that on his mind. >> it's true. and it should be on his mind. as one of your last guests mentioned, two members of the trump campaign, one of who worked at the white house, have been convicted of federal criminal offenses. michael flynn was convicted by a guiltyy employee of a crime tpl the white house, and lying to the fbi about contacts with russian officials. similarly, george papadopoulos who was a foreign adviser to the trump campaign was also convicted for lying to the fbi. and his case about attempts to
11:20 am
set up meetings between donald trump and russian officials. so there is a lot to be seriously worried about. and what's significant, as both of those indictments and pleas, came as a surprise, apparently, to the trump legal counsel. so what most of us are wondering is what's next. and if we are wondering that, surely think that the president as well. >> interesting. i want to bring you in here but i want to play something for you and listen to democrat congresswoman jackie speier what she had to say about the president's tweet today. listen to this. >> let's be really clear. this president does not respect the rule of law nor does he respect the various agencies. excuse me that are charged with the responsibility of protecting us in terms of law enforcement. in terms of the cia, fbi, and the judiciary. so i think that if you see the pattern, if you think about the
11:21 am
pattern over the last year, he has constantly putting down the very institutions that keep us free. >> doesn't respect the rule of law and institutions that keep us free, tom. what do you say to that? >> well, i think in hawaii i have to agree with her. because he is putting down the fbi. he has put down the cia and other organizations that are involved in national security for a while, for more than a year. but particularly lately with the fbi, you know, he hasn't differentiated between lt very upper management, including comey, the deputy director mccabe, agent with the signature role in recent investigations, strzok, and he hasn't separated that from the rank and file, the rest of the tens of thousands of fbi agents, analysts and support employees around the world, that are keeping us safe every day, honoring the rule of law, doing it with integrity. but you know for example look at the citizens in san francisco that could have phasfaced a maj
11:22 am
terror attack on peer 39. a major tourist attractions and it was thwarted. >> should he be attacking the fw fbi this way. >> no. and as i said if he wanted to do firms at the top, no question about it brought shame on the fbi, it should not be attached to the entire fbi. >> how should they respond? if they do, how should they? >> the public needs to have kfd nens the fbi. and you look at situations even in this country when there are riot ns ferguson or baltimore or charlotte, what calmed the communities down was the word that the fbi has opened a civil rights investigation and on their way to figure out what happened. the public has confidence that the fbi will be fair, thorough, effective and come to the truth in those matters.
11:23 am
and it matters that the public believe that. i ran fbi international operations my last five years in the bureau, was on the board of interpol, i could tell you that our reputation around the world, or the fbi reputation and america's reputation really matters in terms of gaining cooperation from foreign services, governments, intel services, militaries, and the general public in those countries. and those to just disparage the fbi without differentiating between ht few senior executives no question about it i think brought shame on the bureau, but that's not the whole fbi. and just ought to be a little more articulate about what he's complaining about. >> tom, on skype, sorry about the cross talk there. thank you. i appreciate both of you. next scathing words for utah senior senator editorial board for the largest newspaper in the state calling on orrin hatch to end his career or suggesting voters do it for him. i'm going to talk to a member of
11:24 am
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target of a scathing editorial from the utah and supporting the gop tax cut plan. >> as well as celebrating the tax bill passage. >> mr. president, i have to say that you are living up to everything i thought you would. you are one heck of a leader and we are all benefiting from it. this bill could not have passed without you. we'll keep fighting and we'll make this the greatest
11:29 am
presidency that we have seen not only in generations, but maybe ever. >> well, now the tribune is calling for senator hatch not to seek re-election. the editorial board you see up there, writing, quote, it would be good for utah if hatch having finally caught the great white whale of tax reform were to call it a career. if he doesn't the voters should end it for him. pretty strong words. joining me now is editor at the salt lake tribune. thank you, sir, for joining us. so why write this? >> well, it was part of our and you'll exercise thannual exerci one time of the year, when the editor board look over the wall that separates us and picks someone that has been prime news maker the most influential person or the person that had the most effect on utah over the previous year. we came to the conclusion
11:30 am
senator hatch met the requirements and had the most impact on utah and over the previous year we named him utahan of the year. and indicated this was not necessarily in praise of the senator, that this was noting his influence, which was substantial, mostly on three issues, roll back of the national monuments, we disagree with the senator on that. the tax bill, we were mostly in support of the tax bill, mostly because of the corporate, cut in the corporate rates which we thought was overdue and put us in tune with much of the rest of the world. and the third point being that he said six years ago that then would be his last run, that he
11:31 am
would not seek another term after that one. we endorsed him at that time largely based on that promise, that he wanted one more shot at tax reform. >> so simply sounds like you are saying his time is up. he should move along and let someone else have that seat. is that what you are saying? >> yes, he came in with jimmy carter. and particularly disappointed in the fact that six years ago he made it pretty clear that this would be his last hooray. >> does that make it seem that he's been there since jimmy carter? >> we think he's had his time. we think that his role in rolling back the national monuments so significantly was not something we favored. and we also think that he's kind of lost his moorings to some degree. he used to be reliable vote in favor of the green act, helping children who had come here illegally as children to find a legal way to stay here. he was behind the children's heat insurance program with his
11:32 am
old friend ted conditiondy. he says he's going to try to restore that after it's funding expired. but he also spent most of his time talking about, well, we don't have any money because all of those trillions of dollars we spent. >> so there are significant issues you disagree with him on and you wish he would allow someone else to vote the way you would like to on those issues? i just want to -- >> i mean. >> before you respond. here's what his office has responded. he said this is from a spoerks person, everyone celebrates christmas differently. we all sincerely hope the members of the salt lake tribune and served as one of the most effective lawmakers of all time just to satisfy their un-gwenable thir unquenchable thirst for clicks. that's a strong statement as well. what's your response? >> well, for one thing they don't address the points of the
11:33 am
editorial. they don't even try and refute lt fact that our point he's been too long and told us this would be his last term and now he's reniging on that. doesn't address the issue of the national monuments where we strongly disagree with the senator. it doesn't address the fact that he told everyone this is his last term and now he's backing off of that. we think that speaks poorly of him and doesn't help the state of utah. we've had all this time where he's basically, everybody who could have mounted a krcredible whether to challenge senator hatch has basically been frozen out. he put everything back to third base. nobody can move or raise money or collect endorsements at a time when he himself said it was time to hang it up. >> we appreciate your time. we'll continue to tofollow the
11:34 am
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south korea has come out with a new plan for responding to threats from north korea. setting up entire department to follow the regime every move. comes as russia is offering to mediate talks between the u.s. and north korea if both sides can't agree to talk. i want to bring in barbara star cnn pentagon correspondent. will the u.s. really meet with north korea with russia mediating? >> really interesting question. what are we looking at going into 2018 here. north korea clearly still the potentially largest most significant national security challenge for president trump. the russians perhaps making this offer to back the u.s. into habit of a corner experts will tell you. russian foreign minister sergei talking down and say let's sit down, we'll broken the talks,
11:39 am
nobody wants war. the u.s. agrees to that. but what the u.s. wants is denuclearization of the peninsula. and that means that kim jong-un has to make am public statement, if you will. he has to give up his nuclear and missile weapons development program. and there is just simply no indication at this point that he is going to do that. and that leaves the u.s., leaves the trump white house in la difficult position, because there is no indication president trump plans to back off from his policy, which is denuclear ages of the peninsula. don. >> barbara star, thank you very much. let's bring in david cnn also news editor for the "new york times." >> good to see you. u.s. is saying they open up a dialogue with north korea and able to act as mediator.
11:40 am
you heard the conversation. >> i think it's another play by the russians. it's russia sort of again protecting power and influence. this time into asia, where it really doesn't have that much influence. china, you know, again is the key trading partner key energy supplier to north korea. so this allows moscow to look like the rest of the world is this great international player, when it really doesn't have that many stakes or that much leverage in north korea. and i would agree that it does also sort of put the trump administration sort of in a box. >> smoke and mirrors. it's it's a moot point because statement says it's a pipe dream for them to give up their weapons. so where could negotiations go from there if they are saying we are not going to give it up, the president is saying you have to give up your weapons, you can't have a nuclear north korea. so where is the negotiating? >> it's not clear. i mean, frankly i don't see the
11:41 am
north koreans giving up the weapons. kim jong-un has made that clear. there could be talks possibly for the u.s. to recognize north korea as nuclear power and somehow limit their missile technology where north korean missile couldn't potentially reach the u.s. but that's not the rhetoric coming out of the trump administration either. so in the end north korea calling trump administration bluff. how will the u.s. takeaway north korea nuclear arson sol? only way is nuclear force tan that gets back to the issue we talked about over and over again, will the trump administration spark a major war on the korean peninsula? it would be protracted and very bloody, but that right now is the only serious use of force that could actually takeaway kim jong-un nuclear weapons. >> let's see where that goes. thank you. much appreciated. coming up, it has been a
11:42 am
fixture of the white house lawn since the 1800s, the 1800s, story behind, there it is, that iconic tree you are looking at, scheduled to be cut down and removed. ♪ ♪ give a little bit ♪ ♪ give a little bit... -hello. ♪ give a little bit... ♪ ... of your love to me oh, haha. ♪ there's so much that we need to share ♪ ♪ so send a smile and show that you care ♪ ♪ i'll give a little bit of my love to you ♪
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i use herpecin, it penetrates deep to treat. it soothes, moisturizes, and creates an spf 30 barrier, to protect against flare-ups caused by the sun. herpecin l. you have seen, you've likely seen this tree, countless times. we'll show it to you. you probably never new the significance. there it is. and now cnn has learned iconic piece of the white house is coming down. the jackson magnolia tree planted in 1800s by order of president andrew jackson will be chopped down. the tree paid homage to jackson's wife who died days after the election. and tree used to be on the back of the $20 bill. it has been in the back drop many historic west wing settings. white house kate bennett joins me now.
11:47 am
kate, i'm sad about this tree, it's a beautiful old tree and i love t tell us about it. it has a long story past. it is coming down. who made the call to remove it? what's going on with it? >> so, the tree is actually, there is a large section of magnolia trees on that west side. and this is the front one. front portion. it's been dying, actually since 1970, when the roots got sort, i've become sort of an arborist, so the roots got tangled and filled in with cement, but the pole that needed to be supported, now the tree has reached a state, according to the national arbor reum folks and specialists it's not safe to be held up by the cables. ultimately it was ts first lady after being advised by the national park service and several specialists after years of watching this tree, that it's new time to come down.
11:48 am
it's decayed beyond the point of safety. >> we talked a little bit about the history. can you talk more about that? >> sure, andrew jackson's wife loved this tree. there was a very tough election. rachel passed away just after andrew jackson elected. and he blamed the contentious necessa ness of the campaign on her death. story goes he took the sed link fr seedling from the tree and had it planted. tlfr it's grown and offshoots. and even michelle obama brought a seedling from cuba last year. laura bush made white house china and so many state visits. easter egg rolls and iconic.
11:49 am
so will definitely change the back facade. >> what happens to it? >> so the first lady has asked the wood be preserved and likely, although it's very, the wood is very koers acoarse and stable, and although seed links 8 to 10 feet, and hopefully another jackson magnolia will be placed there sometime soon. >> so i can't get a coffee table out of it? >>. i don no, i don't think so. >> thank you. coming up nfl star writes a letter to mccain, his moving tribute, coming up. to design the leesa mattress we asked, if sleep is essential to
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from the domino effect created by women speaking out against sexual harassment and allegation ns hollywood, to the deadly miss mass shooting in american history, 2017 leaves behind misconduct stories. our jean has the top seven of 2017. >> 2017 was a tumultuous year filled with shootings and accusations of sex you'll misconduct. let's take a look at the top seven crime and misconduct stories of 2017. in number seven. >> breaking news this morning, o.j. simpson is a freeman.
11:55 am
>> former nfl star is famous for being acquitted in 1995 of murder charges of his ex-wife. more than ten years later he was accused of another time, this time kidnapping and armed robbery at a las vegas hotel in 2007. sentenced to serve 33 years behind bars. >> mr. simpson, i do vote to grant parole when eligible. >> symptom wimpson was granted for good behavior. >> walked out of a prison. >> number 6 the criminal trial of bill cosby. >> that's absolutely correct. >> once one of lovable dad's, after he goes to trial, accused of sexually assaulting a woman more than ten years ago. criminal charges were not filed at that time. but when never before seen transcripts unsealed in 2015
11:56 am
show cosby admitting to giving drugs to women he wanted to have sex with, a pennsylvania district attorney brought forth multiple charges against the star. >> judge in the cosby trial has declared a mistrial. >> jury failed to reach a verdict after more than 50 hours of deliberations. >> came here looking for acquittal, but like that rolling stone says you don't always get what you want. sometimes you get what you need. >> the case is set to be retried in april. cosby maintains his innocence saying the encounter was consensual. >> number 5. >> congress attacked. steve scalise the third ranking republican in the house is in critical condition tonight after alone gunman opened fire on a congressional baseball team. >> asked me if this team was the republican or democrat team practicing. i responded it was republican team practicing. and he proceeded to shoot republicans. >> our lives were saved by the
11:57 am
capitol city police, if they had not been there i think it would have been a massacre. >> an attack on one of us is attack on all of us. >> three months later congressman scalise returns to the house floor to bipartisan standing ovation. >> you have no idea how great this feels to be back here. >> number four, a mass shooting inside of a small town texas church. a gunman, devin kelly killed 25 people and unborn baby when he bau walked into a southerly church in november. had violent behavior in the past. died after being chased by good samaritans. >> it was do everything necessary to make this guy stop. >> holcomb family spanning three generations. >> here we have eight people in
11:58 am
a family that left us in one day. number three, the murder of a woman in charlottesville, virginia. 32-year-old heather heyer was killed in august when a car plowed into a group protesters. they were rallying against white nazis. the man driving the car, 20-year-old james alex fields, had attended the white ring rally. he's been charged with first degree murder in heyer's death. >> they tried to kill my child to shut her up. well, guess what, you just magnified her. story number 2, dozens of women speak out about being sexually harassed or abused by harvey weinstein. >> more and more women are coming forward accusing "access hollywood" mog you will harvey weinstein of blatant sexual misconduct.
11:59 am
>> and he kept grabbing his pen us and fondling his self and he pushed me babb ack it was not consensual. >> harvey weinstein spoke through a spokesperson they are denied. weinstein accusers speaking out did a domino effect of women speaking out in industry and in hollywood. >> all have jumped on the social media platform to say me too. >> weinstein is being investigated by the nypd but no charges have been filed. and in our top crime and misconduct story of the year. the mass killing of dozens at a las vegas country music festival in october. >> we have breaking news of the worst variety. the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history has just happened. >> 58 people were killed when
12:00 pm
shooter steven paddock started firing shots from his hotel suite 32 stories above that crowd. >> the shots just kept coming. >> no matter which direction you went in, no matter where you took cover, there were at least two to three bodies where you didn't know safe. >> amid the tragedy, there are dozens of heroes. >> i just sat with him. but i would like to think if it was me, someone wouldn't let me sit there alone. >> cnn, new york, jean carasous. >> it is the top of the hour. i'm don lemon. brooke is off today. president is ov kriemt christmas is over but president doing tweets on obamacare and hillary clinton. then